Looking for a cool place to get away to for a weekend? Enjoy great food, lively music, fun nightlife, close proximity to a lake, and a whole lot more? Look no further than Austin, Texas. M just got back from three days in Austin and we figured no better time than now to highlight a few must do's on a trip to Austin!

Franklin BBQ:  
A trip to Austin is not complete without some show stopping barbecue.  We elected to get Franklin's, as it was a quick 10 minute cab ride from where we stayed downtown.  The line to get food is no joke, as you should be prepared to wait for over an hour to get food.  Once something runs out, it's off the menu, so there are no guarantees....unless.... you pre-order your BBQ!  We did this for our group and it was maybe the smartest decision of the trip.  Our food was ready to pick up promptly and we skipped the entire line.  The only catch is that you have to order 5 or more pounds of food, but seriously, it's worth it.  Check out the easy pre-order page here.  The brisket topped with texas style bbq sauce was my personal favorite, but it honestly was all delicious.

Juan in a Million:

While we're on the subject of food, be sure to check out Juan in a Million for outrageously good breakfast tacos.  A no nonsense, diner style spot serving up traditional Mexican food on a daily basis, this was my favorite breakfast of the trip.  You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu, but the chorizo & egg breakfast taco stole the show for me.

Insider tip:  They offer pick-up orders, and the salsa is spicy!

Lake Travis:
Hands down my favorite day of the trip was our afternoon on Lake Travis.  Just outside of downtown Austin, Lake Travis is about a 40 minute drive away.  Our group rented a pontoon boat for four hours to take us out on Lake Travis on a picture perfect Friday afternoon.  We rented through Good Time Tours which I would highly recommend.  Depending on your group size there are tons of different options, but for our group (of 8) the size of the boat and the price was a perfect fit. The boat had a grill, water slide, ipod hook up, plenty of seating, an upper deck, and a cooler all on board.  Captain Kris could not have been a better host, cooking all our food for us while allowing us to just kick back and enjoy the afternoon.  Check out the video below from our afternoon on the lake.

Rainey Street:
We chose to forego the lively 6th street area and spent the majority of our time out exploring Rainey street.  Rainey features bungalow style homes that have been converted into bars with outdoor areas, making for a unique night out experience.  Each spot is different and offers its own character and charm.  Grab a local brew and sit outside at Clive.  Sample some of the best craft beer around while listening to live music at Craft Pride.  Get your sausage fix at Bangers (the fried chicken sausage is a must have). Swing by Container Bar (made up of all storage containers) and head upstairs to watch the bustle of people walk down Rainey street on a Saturday night.  The possibilities are endless.  A full list of spots is available here.
Bangers (courtesy:
Insider tip: Aside from Bangers, most of the other bars don't offer food.  But there are food trucks aplenty, some even in the backyards of the bars!

Have you been to Austin? What was your favorite spot? Tell us in the comment section below and thanks for reading!


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