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Q+A: Meet Malcolm!

Twice a month we will be featuring interviews with globetrotters, travel photographers, foodies... you name it! But we figured that the people you should get to know first are US! Why should you follow our blog? Who the heck are we?! Well, here are those answers! We sat down with a glass of wine and fired off questions to each other, read below to see how it went!

Part 1: Brandilee interviews Malcolm

B-When did you get your first urge to travel the world?

M- The first international trip that I ever took was when I went to Scotland with my dad and my brother when I was 13 in search for the Loch Ness Monster. My dad is a cryptozoologist, that's a story for another day. So that was kinda my first experience of going away from home and branching out. It wasn't until meeting you that I got the real urge to explore and check out new places and pick up and take a weekend trip to D.C. just because we had a weekend off. My weekends were always kind of, "Hey, let's watch a baseball game" but it was kind of your doing to get me involved in traveling the world. 

B-Since you have started to travel what has been the biggest dose of culture shock that you have experienced?

M-By far and away, this last trip that we just took to South Africa. Almost in 2 parts... 1) The Safari that we went on. 5 day safari right next to Kruger National Park, you are immersed in the bush with the animals, minimal people.. you really got a sense of the animals community. You were with them, you were in their home and that was something I had never been a part of. That was such an eye opening experience. And then we went on a cultural tour and we visited one of the Townships in Cape Town, the Langa Township. Which is one of the Townships left over from the Apartheid and District 6 when 60,000 people were kicked out of District 6 and moved to different Townships.  Just seeing not only the poverty that is there but also the sense of community and the sense of pride that everyone has in their homes...

B- You never felt unsafe?

M-Not at all. Not in the slightest. It was an experience of how millions upon millions of people live everyday and I've never experienced it and it was such a gut punch that people live on $2.00 a day.

B-There are people who have to walk half a mile just to go to the bathroom. Just to have a toilet and it's not even a running toilet, it's a hole in the ground.

M- People wait on the side of the road from 5:30 in the morning till 6:30 at night just to maybe get a job that day; to hopefully bring some money home for their family.

B- I agree that was a very powerful experience. Moving on, what is the hardest part about traveling with me?

M- There're no hard parts about traveling with you! See what I did there? (laughter) Honestly, there isn't.. and I'm not just saying this.. traveling with you is not hard at all. It's the pre-travel or the pre-pre-travel. Because right when we get back from a trip, she wants to plan the next 2 trips.  SO, it's almost sometimes, "Hey, maybe take a step back. Pump the brakes a little bit. I know we're excited that we want to go to Utah and we want to go to Iceland.." I'm constantly getting emails.. It never stops. If she had it her way she would have a trip booked to Iceland, London, Paris, Botswana, somewhere else in the U.S. she is just constantly planning and always excited for the next trip. So I guess thats kinda an answer to your question of that's the hardest part.

B- Now, what is your biggest flaw when you travel?

M-I would say my biggest travel flaw is I am kind of nervous when I travel. I think that I sometimes get a little fearful of places that we go, even if they are the safest place in the world I have to do research on how safe it is and see a safety map. Love safety maps! Thats my biggest flaw, I'm a little bit nervous a little bit fearful... I can say that I am 30 years old and I have never felt threatened or in a dangerous situation in any of the places that we have gone; however, I do tend to do a little more research and just feel some nervousness about going new places.

B- What is your best travel tip for our viewers?

M-It's more of a flying tip.. My best flying trip is figure our one really fun thing to do on the flight. Buy a new book or download a new TV show, or download a movie, or know that you are going to do something fun for that flight. For this past flight I had downloaded the latest season of Fargo and I knew that I was really excited about watching it, so I had that to look forward to. Even if it was only 3 or 4 hours of a 16 hour flight but it was still something to look forward to and it makes the flight a little more fun.

B-One more question! Why do you want to make a travel blog?

M-I want to make a travel blog because I think that 1) we have a great time traveling. I think that it is something we do really well. I think we visit some really cool places, I'd love to share some of those cool places with the people that hopefully subscribe to our blog, Married with Jet Lag. And I think that I am really trying my hand at some photography which I'd love to share with people. You have some great ideas for places to go and I think we have some fun stories to tell and we have some great interviews lined up and I think it will be a lot of fun! 

B- Awesome! So that was my interview with Malcolm, who is one half of Married with Jet Lag. Coming up soon.... 

M- We will have the second half of the interview with Brandilee Coon, the second half or the other half of Married with Jet Lag! So stay tuned for that, coming up next!

Do YOU have any questions for Malcolm? Ask away in the comments below! 

It's the FREAKIN' WEEKENDER: Savannah, GA

Welcome to the Freakin’ Weekender! Every Saturday we’ll feature a spot, likely in the United States, that is perfect to spend a weekend at. 
We’ll be drawing from some of our past experiences, plus insight from our team of locals around the country!  So- it’s the Freakin’ Weekender, lets have some fun with 48 hours in Savannah, Georgia.

First off, if you’re planning on visiting Savannah for a weekend, we would highly suggest staying in an AirBnB.  There are tons of great spots around the downtown area, near the beach, or on Tybee Island.  We rented a private room in a wonderful, historic, old house just ten minutes from town.  In our experience, AirBnB provides a true feel for the city, is usually cheaper than a hotel room, and gives guests a chance to meet some really interesting people.  Now that our sales pitch for AirBnB is over (if anyone from AirBnB would like to buy advertising space, we have plenty available!) let’s talk more about Savannah!

Trip Suggestions:
A walk along River Street: Tons of shops, restaurants, and bars to check out on a beautiful walk along the water (insider tip: pop into any of the many bars along the walk and get a cocktail in a ‘to go’ cup – yes, drinking in public is ok, just not too much!)

Forsyth Park: Walk around the historic park, do some people watching, and definitely take a picture or two in front of the stunning fountain

Dinner at the Olde Pink House: The Pecan Crusted chicken breast is delicious, pair that with an olde pink lemonade and you can’t go wrong. (insider tip: make a reservation early, it does tend to get crowded)

A visit to Tybee Island:  Rent a car for the weekend and make the easy 10-15 minute drive to the easternmost point of Georgia.  Pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful beaches, or rent kayaks and paddle along Tybee Creek.  Lunch at Tybee Island Social Club features great Mexican/American food & great burritos

Rocks on the Roof: Take the elevator to the top of the Bohemian Hotel in downtown Savannah to this cool rooftop bar for a trendy cocktail or some tasty tapas choices. It is a great sunset spot but this city is full of good sunset spots. Which leads us to our next tip...... 

Sunsets:  Find a public fishing pier, grab a couple of fresh peaches (it’s Georgia, they’re everywhere!) and enjoy the colorful sky.  Or pick up a cigar and take in the view on the riverfront. It makes for a super cool picture (see below); actual smoking of the entire cigar not required!


Travel Tips:
Tybee Island hosts Orange Crush Weekend in mid-April (dates change every year).  It’s a weekend long spring break-like party. If this is your scene, enjoy! If not, we would suggest avoiding Savannah during this weekend, especially if you’re looking for a relaxing weekend on the Tybee Island beaches.

Have you been to Savannah or do you live in Savannah and have more suggestions? Share the wealth in the comments below! 



Married with Jet Lag

Welcome to our new blog, Married with Jet Lag! We are so excited that you decided to check in with us and see what our blog adventure is all about. Well, mainly it is about ADVENTURE! We have decided to put our passions (each other and travel) and skills (videography, photography, TV skills) together to create a place where people can come for travel tips and inspiration. Oh, but it gets better! In addition to our own travel advice, we will be featuring interviews with fellow jet-setters, travel photographers, foodies, savvy city insiders, and more.. we have quite a line-up! If that is not enough to make you subscribe to our blog (enter your email below or follow us on twitter/instagram) then how about this... FREE STUFF (we are not above bribing you)! We will be hosting monthly travel contests so YOU have a chance to win a travel swag bag courtesy of Married with Jet Lag!

We know, that is a lot of information to digest at once! Much like jet lag, it is best to sleep on it to avoid burning out. So, get excited and you will be hearing from us in a few days :)

Happy Travels, m and b