Just own the Night like the 4th of July

The 4th of July is not just a chance to sing Katy Perry's "Firework" (ahem.. B..), it is also a chance to check out some REAL fireworks displays! Every city brags that they have the best display so we have narrowed it down to our three favorite fireworks displays in the USA for your viewing pleasure!

New York City's Macy's 4th of July Fireworks

The 40th anniversary of the biggest fireworks show in the country has some big things planned for this year.  With 56 thousand shells set to be fired off into the sky this year's show will be the biggest since the millennial show back in 2000.  Set to begin around 9:25pm, the 25-minute display will feature some unique fireworks such as disappearing and reappearing fireworks called ghost shells, and pyro-writing to spell out USA in the sky.  Now this can be tricky, the display rotates between the East side and the West side. This year find a spot with a view of the East River, bring a picnic (obviously we suggest this!), and enjoy one of the best fireworks shows of the year. 
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Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

This historic fireworks show accompanied by music by the famous Boston Pops orchestra is one of the most visually appealing shows in the country.  Set on the banks of the Charles River, viewers enjoy a show of impressive fireworks and great music, and did we mention REAL cannon fire?!  The concert this year starts at 8:30 pm, with the fireworks show set to begin at 10:30 pm.  If you're not planning on going to the concert, set up anywhere along the Esplanade for a terrific view. Also an option- make a friend with a roof deck in Beacon Hill! That is where some of our favorite 4th of July's were spent back in the ol' days! Admission is free for the concert so get their early to enjoy everything this great display has to offer!
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San Diego's Big Bay Boom

Touting the claim as the largest fireworks display on the West Coast, the Big Bay Boom lights up the sky with fireworks launched from four different barges on the San Diego bay.  With more than half a million people expected on hand to enjoy the 18 minute show, it promises to be one of the biggest displays in the show's history.  Sync up the whole experience by listening to a simultaneous music broadcast on 105.7 FM.  The fireworks show starts at 9 pm, so set up at your favorite spot along the Bay and enjoy what expects to be a huge show. Let's just hypothetically say that you don't get a good view, you're still in San Diego so that will make for a good night regardless! 
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Let us know in the comment below where you watch the colors burst and make you go "Ahh", "Ahh", "Ahh" as they shoot across the "sky", "sky", "sky".... B, STOP SINGING!

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